Martin Mosaic is a mosaic tile design company based in London.  Read our reviews

  • Unglazed victorian floor tiles. Interior and exterior.

    Suitable for gardens, pathways, hallways, kitchen and bathroom floor. Frost-resistant, heat-resistant and stain-resistant.

  • Bespoke tile design

    We create and sell bespoke mosaic tile designs that use high quality tiles from French manufacturers. Clients come to us for Victorian floor tiles, art deco and modern designs.

  • Tile installation service

    We provide tile installation services with exceptional quality and attention to detail. Learn more

We supply geometric Victorian floor tiles

We are a London-based company specializing in selling Victorian floor tiles. Our tiles are available both as loose tiles as well as assembled sheets.

We create a wide variety of tile designs. We have a selection of 1000 tile designs to choose from and we make bespoke designs as well to suit your vision.

Our Victorian floor tiles are available in over 30 colours and shades. The tile sizes range from 10mm to 200mm in a variety of shapes: round tiles, square tiles, triangular tiles, rectangular tiles, hexagon tiles, octagon tiles, isosceles triangle tiles, crosses tiles, shuttles tiles as well as encaustic tiles (decorative tiles).

Bespoke mosaic designs

We make bespoke mosaic tile designs to your requirements based on your image or logo. You can send us your photo, image or logo and we will turn it into a high-quality mosaic!

Your design will be meticulously assembled by hand with high attention to detail using high-quality materials and ceramic tiles.

Perfect for entrances, shops, hallways, bathrooms and kitchens.

We invite you to share your artwork, photos and ideas with our designers and will help you create your ideal mosaic.

If you have any question or would like to request a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Victorian floor tiles

We are a specialist in Victorian floor tiles. We can create bespoke mosaics with a Victorian look and feel. Or provide design consultancy for one of your Victorian interior design projects. Or help you source Victorian tiles (original or reproduction).

Mosaic tiles

We sell tiles as loose, assembled or bespoke sheets. They’re ideal for domestic installations like outdoor Victorian pathways, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens and swimming pools. They’re also ideal for commercial installations in bars, clubs and restaurants.

Art mosaics

Here at Martin Mosaic we can design and create a bespoke Mosaic for you from any renowned work of art you chose: equally we invite you to share your artworks, photos, and ideas with our expert designer and we will work with you to create your ideal Mosaic.

Tile installation service

Our skilled tilers can install tiles and designs that you’ve purchased from us. Learn more about this service here

Martin Mosaic ltd London – high quality tiling service

We offer professional tiling services, installing Victorian floor tiles, mosaic tiles and stone marble. Our team has over 25 years of experience in installing Victorian tiles and our service is to the highest standard.

We perform each job with utmost care and attention to detail which is critical for Victorian tiles installation. We use professional quality tools which ensures superior end result while maintaining competitive prices.

It’s very important that Victorian floor tiles installation is performed by a skilled tiler who has substantial experience working with such tiles. It’s not suitable for general builders or handymen who have not previously worked on mosaic tiling projects. Working with tiles requires thorough planning from start to finish since even a small mistake can seriously impact the quality of the finished work.

That’s why we recommend our tiling service as it guarantees the highest quality installation of your tiles. We offer free quotations and free tile samples. We have over 1000 different Victorian floor tile designs to choose from.

You can also take a look at our videos and photos showcasing our work. We produce computer-generated floor plans to help you visualize your project. Our tiles are frost-resistant, heat-resistant and very durable (see full technical info). The tiles are suitable for interior and exterior use in both dry and wet environments.

We help you create beautiful hallways, pathways, entrances, kitchens, bathrooms and more.

Our tiles are through-body, which means tiles have an identical colour throughout their thickness and a service life of several centuries thanks to the lasting shads and patterns.

Geometric floor tiles are part of UK heritage. Originally there were used to decorate medieval churches, monasteries and aristocratic mansions. Victorian tiles rose in popularity in 1830 early in the reign of young Queen Victoria. Soon after, geometric tiles became a symbol of the new romantic movement.

With time Victorian floor tiles began to be used by broader population. Simple tile designs were used in hallways, front gardens, bathrooms, kitchens, entrances as well as residences. Today’s nostalgia for Victorian aesthetic lead to recreations of the original floor designs using modern technology and traditional methods of clay colouring.

Martin Mosaic tile restoration and repair service

Here at Martin Mosaic we provide restoration and maintenance services for Victorian mosaic floor tiles.

Your old, damaged tiles and grout will be restored, replaced, cleaned and protected with highest precision and skill.

First we perform a preliminary assessment of the tiled surface. Then we replace the missing or damaged tiles, matching the colour and shape to ensure identical appearance across the whole design. After this is done, we replace the grout for best effect.

Next we perform polishing of the entire surface as partial polishing of Victorian floor tiles may change the tiles’ colour.

We use specialised machines for both dry and wet polishing. We don’t use chemical tile cleaners as these substances provide only short-term effect. Wet and dry polishing is a recommended method for Victorian floor tiles as the final colour of the design will remain the same.