Sheeted victorian path tiles

Many British homes built since around 1860 (when this type of flooring became popular in homes as well as palaces, churches, pubs and shops) could have a tiled path, porch, entrance hall or kitchen. It’s easy to duplicate or restore these areas to their original splendor thanks to our geometric Victorian floor tiles that are durable and durable, and above all they are simply beautiful. The patterns and borders themselves are created from a series of individual tiles of various shapes and colors. Many of the designs and borders in our collection are based on authentic and traditional Victorian designs, and are part of British heritage. But this does not mean that these ceramic tiles can not be used also in modern spaces.

Victorian paths using mosaic tiles assembled by Martin Mosaic in London.

  • Victorian floor tiles - pathway. Tiles 5cm x 5cm thick 5mm. Colours: white, black.
  • Victorian floor tiles - hallway. Tiles 10cm x 10cm thick 9mm. Colours: super white, pale grey, black.
  • Victorian floor tiles, hallway, Clapham. Tiles: 5cm x 5cm thickness 5mm. Colours: super white, black.
  • Entrance. Tiles 5cm x 5cm thick 5mm. Colours: coffe, white, cognac, black, blue, red, encaustic tiles. Ashford.
  • Victorian floor tiles - hallway. Tiles 5cm x 5cm thick 5mm. Colours: super white, green, pale grey, black. Tooting.


In the Victorian era, architecture and applied arts balanced between the ornate and glamor of previous eras and the era of glass and steel that was just about to come. Both of these trends were also manifested in the tile design that increasingly decorated British homes. Due to its decorativeness, mosaic tiles are a good way, e.g. to designate an open dining area or a food preparation zone. In the bathroom, patterned floor tiles will break the minimalism and are an interesting alternative to the somewhat subdued ceramic tiles in the metro style. However, regardless of whether we use them in the hallway, kitchen or bathroom, we can be sure that they will work in these demanding spaces, where contact with water, sand or shoes of the household is everyday life.

Terrace, pathway leading to the house or the floor in the winter garden lined with English Victorian-style tiles look really picturesque and decorative. The durability of these tiles is evidenced by the fact that the surfaces of the original unglazed ceramic tiles of the era can be admired to this day.

The original Victorian mosaic tiles were difficult to arrange: they required time and masterful skill. Martin Mosaic tiles are supplied in the form of accurately measured, pre-assembled modules. This allows you to recreate Victorian style in a short time and without the risk of unnecessary expenses.