Assembled sheets including drawing

Two bespoke patterns.
First: white and black pattern, tiles 7cm x 7cm thickness 9mm
Second: multi-colour pattern, tiles 5 m x 5cm thickbness 5mm
For a client in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Hand-made bespoke design. Barnes.

Hand-made bespoke design and our installation service.
Mosaic tiles 2cm x 2cm thick 3.8 mm plus step tread tiles.

Mosaic hexagon tiles, kitchen 45 sqm

A big order for a 45 square-meter kitchen floor area. White and black mosaic hexagon tiles, sheeted with plastic film on top.

Victorian pathway, tile installation. Raynes Park.

Here’s another tile installation project for a client in Raynes Park. We performed the entire work from start to finish. To ensure maximum durability we build a concrete foundation 13cm thick. This guarantees that no cracks will develop.

Next step was to ensure that the surface is perfectly even. This is crucial for achieving quality end result with mosaic tiles. Next, we used tiles of black and super white colour, 5cmx5cm and 5mm thickness. All triangular pieces have been cut in our workshop with perfect attention to detail. Finally, we cleaned the entire pathway surface and applied grout.

Victorian pathwayVictorian pathway

Bespoke tile design and installation, Wimbledon.

Geometric mosaic floor tiles.
High quality installation service by Martin Mosaic.
Colours: charcoal and white, thickness: 9mm.

Geometric mosaic floor tiles. Geometric mosaic floor tiles.

Victorian mosaic floor tiles, hallway.

Unglazed Victorian floor tiles
Tiles 5cm x5cm thick 5mm
Colours: charcoal, pale grey, super white, blue.

Victorian mosaic floor tiles, hallway.Victorian mosaic floor tiles, hallway.Victorian mosaic floor tiles, hallway.

Shop entrance. Mosaic tiles with step tread tiles and hand made logo.

Shop entrance, mosaic tiles with step tread tiles. Hand made logo for David Mellor, kitchen supplies shop in Marylebone. Design and installation by Martin Mosaic.

Floor tiles wiwth hand made logoFloor tiles wiwth hand made logoFloor tiles wiwth hand made logoFloor tiles wiwth hand made logo

Unglazed Victorian floor tiles. Front garden.

Tiles: 10cmx10cm thick 9mm.
Colours: red, black, cognac.

Victorian floor tiles Victorian floor tiles Victorian floor tiles

Hand-made marble mosaic design. Bespoke bathroom floor.

Hand-made marble mosaic design created for a private client.

bespoke marble floor