Hand-made marble mosaic design. Bespoke bathroom floor.

Hand-made marble mosaic design created for a private client.

bespoke marble floor

Unglazed mosaic floor tiles – Winckelmans

Tiles: 15cmx15cm thick 9mm.
Colours: white, black, grey pale.

IMG_2134 IMG_2136 IMG_2137 IMG_2140

Unglazed victorian floor tiles 7cmx7cm. Hallway, Manchester.

Tiles: 7cmx7cm thick 9mm.
Colours: Super white and black.


Our hand-made sample for a client in South Kensington.

Entrance. Hand made mosaic with marble bullnose steps.
Hand-made victorian mosaic sample

Unglazed mosaic floor tiles, Hallway.

Mosaic tiles 2cmx2cm, thickness 3.8mm
Colours: red, cognac, green.

victorian floor tiles

victorian floor tiles

victorian floor tiles